Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello Again

Good Morning :)
Well  my 5 days with hubby at home have ended, he is back at the office & I am faced with laundry to keep me busy lol, we  acomplished a few of the tasks I had  listed, we did  organize the basement furniature & sort the bad from good and haul 12  bags to the city dump. we did  mow the lawns and use the whipper snipper and tidy the   yard,  however we did NOT finish the fence as we chose instead to relax and take time to go see Andrea & Kids   and  have a picnic at a  spray park in St Albert. where we had a wonderful day of watching the kids  enjoy the water and ride their scooters. even Daisy had a good time. We enjoyed our picnic of KFC & wattermellon   for desert. All of  us including Daisy slept well that night   lol.
So, now it  is back to the norm here, but the plus side is it will be a short week. Another hot day with storms comming our way,
Hope you  all are having a wonderful summer week  also.

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