Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello Again

Good Morning :)
Well  my 5 days with hubby at home have ended, he is back at the office & I am faced with laundry to keep me busy lol, we  acomplished a few of the tasks I had  listed, we did  organize the basement furniature & sort the bad from good and haul 12  bags to the city dump. we did  mow the lawns and use the whipper snipper and tidy the   yard,  however we did NOT finish the fence as we chose instead to relax and take time to go see Andrea & Kids   and  have a picnic at a  spray park in St Albert. where we had a wonderful day of watching the kids  enjoy the water and ride their scooters. even Daisy had a good time. We enjoyed our picnic of KFC & wattermellon   for desert. All of  us including Daisy slept well that night   lol.
So, now it  is back to the norm here, but the plus side is it will be a short week. Another hot day with storms comming our way,
Hope you  all are having a wonderful summer week  also.

Friday, 1 July 2011

"Well" It has been a lovely day here in Leduc.   Max is having a very nice birthday . We spent most of the day unpacking and cleaning the basement, seems time since  we bought the house almost 3 yrs ago  LOL NO one ever accused us of being too energetic, in our defense there has always been something   that has come up to  distract us  from the pleasure of this undertaking  ( LOL) Well, now its almost   done & tomorrow we begin Yard clean up and a trip to the dump on Monday, perhaps even dind time to finish the fence  & build the  2cd gate LOL
It  has been a quiet Canada Day here 4  us we did not attend any events , choosing instead to  take care  of things that we have put off too long.
Hope you all  had a wonderful day & maybe even  joined some of the festivities too.
    Happy Birthday Max

 Just taking a  few moments to wish Our "Max"  a very  "Happy Birthday". Today we celebrate his  fifteenth birthday.
 To  those who know his  history; Today is nothing less than a miracle.
We found little Max while living in Arctic Canada, he was a little guy of aproximately 3 months of age, we have travelled  many places with our little Max, hes been on so many excursions in his lifetime.  Most recently;  He   developed   Congestive Heart Failure.  this happened 3 yrs ago  this comming December, at that time our vet did not think he would survive the night, but sent us home with heart medications etc  and told us to  enjoy   our time with him.  We got lucky, He survived that hurdle, taking 3 pills  every am and 1 in the evening has been a  feat for us lol   he didnt always like our choices of what we  hid his pills in, but as I said he did well,  Then this past June. we noticed that he was getting so thin and seemed    to be forgetting normal functions, seemed confused etc then  one day he was just not doing anything, not responding to us and barely able to  lift his head, after talking to the vet we were told of a disease that older dogs get called  Canine Vesticular Syndrome  which mimics a stroke, and  that there may be a chance  for him but we had to make him  re learn  things like  drinking and eating etc, so  night after night we  sat with him forcing  water into him and hand feeding him any foods we thought he would eat. luckily he took a liking to the "Little Ceasar" meals for puppies and my husband used his hands to force him to eat them. as the days went by he was slowly improving, the  "neck tilt" was  straightening out with his daily massages and  he perked up. gained back the lost weight and  now today July 1 the day has come that we feared would not come. "Today Max turned 15 years old" The fact that he survived on the streets of  I qaluit as a pully   is a miracle  and  the fact that he survived Heart failure another  miracle and the third, this  horrible disease did not take him from us.

No one  ever knows what is around the next corner,  we do not know how long we will have our " Precious Max" but we  feel we have given him a wonderful life & in return he has been our true and failthful loyal comapnion, always there.,  through all my ilnesses and surgeries Max was in my bed by my side always loving always faithful.  MY gift to him is to do   the same for him. to love  him unconditionaly, to   keep him safe, to protect him and love him for as long as we can.
Thank You to my Family & Friends  for all the support you gave  us through this last  couple of months, Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.

If Max could  talk. I know he would say a huge "Thank You" for  your kindness.

To all of you  who love or have loved a pet.  You  will understand the happinesss we feel today. the relief  that  he  has thus survived some terrible life threatening situations.
I wish all the best  to you and your little furry  friends.
 They truly are"Gifts  from  God" loaned to us to  make our lives so much happier.
 I will end this blog now, as today we get to make our Max his special  "cake" lol Meatloaf cake and enjoy  a good day with him and  his new little sister  "Daisy May"

Thank you for taking time to read my morning chat
Have a Wonderful Day & Happy Birthday Canada